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Specializing in Open Range Grass Fed & Finished Beef


The health benefits of grass fed beef include much less fat when compared to grain fed beef, including less monounsaturated fat. Yet, it has up to 5 times more Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and twice as much CLA in the fat, which has been linked to increasing ones basal metabolic rate, improving immune system function, and many other benefits. 


We have a Black Angus and Hereford cross herd. When fed an exclusive grass diet, the meat of these two breeds is considered the healthiest form of beef.


     In addition to the health benefits, the Herefords are naturally a hardy breed. As a result, they thrive on the open range. The Black Angus have a natural marbling to its meat. This results in an inherent tenderness, without the use of processing, or intentionally fattening up the animal by feeding them grains, antibiotics, or growth hormones.

As a result, the meat we produce is naturally tender and 100% additive free. 


Because our cattle are free to roam the open range, they are naturally very healthy.  


Enjoy our product, knowing you are feeding your family the very best the beef industry has to offer.

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